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Volume 3, Number 1 (2016) pp 22-48 doi 10.20448/800. | Research Articles


Customer Loyalty in the Nigerian Telecommunication Industry: The Antecedence of Customer Satisfaction

Adewale, A. Adekiya 1
1 Department of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, Bayero Business School, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria


As a result of the role ascribed to the concept of customer loyalty as an important organizational critical success factor the consensual focus within research and academic community in recent years has been centered on the need to acquire a useful knowledge on some of its critical antecedents with the aim of using such knowledge as a basis of formulating marketing strategies and enhancing a desirable customer loyalty base. As a response to this need, the present research investigates the effect of customer satisfaction on the loyalty of subscribers in the Nigerian mobile telecommunication industry. Making use of the responses elicited through a self administered and structured questionnaire, from a total of three hundred and seventy six (376) mobile phone subscribers that were picked from the eight local governments of Kano metropolis through the multi-stage sampling technique, it was uncovered through the Pearson moment correlation and multiple regression analysis conducted that customer satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty with Beta coefficient at 0.629 and significant at 0.01. Furthermore, it was equally uncovered that the respondents exhibited an above average mean score in both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty which implies that they are considerably high in these two constructs. In the light of these findings, it was recommended that mobile telecom companies should employ the use of results generated from customer?s profiling research activities as a yardstick in designing customer satisfaction programs to ensure that the performance derived from products/services on offer consistently surpasses customer?s expectation whenever the objective is achieving a desirable customer loyalty base.


Customer loyalty Mobile telecom industry Subscribers Metropolitan Kano.


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