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Volume 2, Number 1 (2017) pp 92-95 doi 10.20448/804. | Research Articles


A Study on National Girls Education Strategy Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

Ruhee Rashid 1
1 Research Scholar Department of Education OPJS University Churu Rajasthan, India


The purpose of this study to discuss the different national girl’s strategies that promotes the female education in Jammu & Kashmir. These strategies are important for female education. These strategies includes regional education bureaus, activities to be performed by technical and professional institutions, activities to be performed by central bodies, the role of mass-media, activities to be performed by higher education institutions etc. have been discussed.

Keywords:  Strategies, Female education, Schools.

DOI: 10.20448/804.

Citation | Ruhee Rashid (2017). A Study on National Girls Education Strategy Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. American Journal of Education and Learning, 2(1): 92-95.

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History : Received: 31 March 2017/ Revised: 20 April 2017/ Accepted: 26 April 2017/Published: 4 May 2017

Publisher: Online Science Publishing


Implementation of Girls Education Strategy needs cooperative work and strengthen effort of every stakeholders at all levels. So, the most important activities to be performed by Regional and Federal bodies, mass-media and Higher Education Institutions are indicated below.


  • Give priority for women teaches in the training opportunities diarized by training institutions, education and cluster centers.
  • Provide continuous capacity building training for those women allotted as directors, supervisors, etc to strengthen their headship and make successful in their activities.
  • Strengthen gender relationships offices recognized in education and training institutions by finance and manpower.
  • Include the concept of gender and gender issues in the in-service and pre-service teacher training programs.
  • Develop mechanisms to enhance the number of women teachers in schools, colleges and teacher training institutions.
  • Create congenial environment for those girls who quite their training in higher education institutions due to different reasons.
  • Expand cost-effective village schools.
  • Strengthen alternative basic education (ABE).
  • Strengthen HIV/ADIS Clubs and reproductive health in schools and colleges teacher education.
  • Make sure the development and implementation of genders violence regulations in schools, education and training institutions levels.
  • Establish a mechanism to give gender education starting from childhood to all levels.
  • Make reference books by the inclusion of evaluation and monitoring criteria to measure the learning-teaching system successfully.
  • Prepared and issue reference materials to schools as all those international agreements signed by our country, women rights decreed in the constitution and other regulations.
  • Give one book for a girl student as much as possible or to distribute a book for two girl students if not create conducive environment.
  • Strengthen moral society, gender and civics.
  • Incorporate gender focused counseling services in teacher training programs.
  • Collect and store gender related information  and support to conduct studies;
  • Distribute gender focused teaching-learning materials to improve girl’s education admittance and efficiency (Mehrotra and Richard, 1997).


  • Develop and put directive action to protect gender violence in the training institutions.
  • Work in harmonization with girls education environments.
  • Study the challenges of girl learners and look for clarification together with the training institution Board.
  • Celebrate girl’s/women’s education day once in a year.
  • Conduct continuous evaluation on the core curriculum to assure the insure manifestation of women and men equality.
  • Provide continuous capacity building training programs for those women allocated as administrator to strengthen their leadership capacity and make successful in their activities.
  • Strengthen gender relationship offices recognized in education and training institutions by manpower and finance.
  • Give priority to female teachers in the training opportunities planned in their area,
  • Strengthen HIV/AIDS clubs and reproductive health.
  • Increase the involvement of women in informal adult education programs.
  • Ensure the development and implementation of gender violence regulations in training institutions.
  • Strengthen gender counsel services.
  • Strengthen the stipulation of counseling services on employment selection for girls to enroll them in vocational and technical education and training.
  • Provide special free enterprise and self-confidence building training programs for girl learners to make them job maker and recipient in their occupations.
  • Develop and implement gender violence rule in training institutions.
  • Collect and store gender related information and maintain to perform studies.
  • Strengthen ethical clubs, gender and civics (United Nations Children’s Fund, 2002).


  • Follow-up the amalgamation of gender issues in the strategies to be developed in the future or strategies previously developed in the education sector.
  • Organize the efforts of stakeholders working in girl’s education and gender areas to complement their behavior.
  • Harmonized continuously enlistment activities of the society in association with other concerned bodies for the promotion of girl’s education.
  • Create institutional capacity building activities listed in the strategy.
  • Conduct regular evaluation to reflect women and men equality in the curriculum at all levels.
  • Conduct studies and publish findings on gender, girl’s education contact and their usefulness in all educational institutions.
  • Work cooperatively with Ministry if Women Affairs and other stakeholders applying efforts for girl’s education way in augmentation and success.
  • Create well-established gender issues and information system in the sector monitor and coordinate continuously (Kirk and Stephanie, 2001).


  • Create awareness and parents to send their daughter to school.
  • Provide news coverage on girl’s education and gender issues and training access.
  • Transport curriculum that can help consciousness on girl’s education and training and their usefulness.
  • Educate the society on the influence of gender violence on girl’s education and training access and usefulness.
  • Create consciousness on girls to allow them participation in training programs where generally male students are engaged in rather than the habitual female professions like household activities and secretarial science.
  • Present the knowledge of successful women life experience to make role model for others.
  • Design the traditional practices influencing girl’s education and training (Bernard, 2002).


  • Incorporate the concept of gender and gender issues in the pre-service and in-service programs curriculums.
  • Work in coordination with girls education forums.
  • Strengthen association offices with suitable manpower and other capacity building materials to create awareness on gender and build the capacity of girls.
  • Make discussion group classes and counseling services strengthened to increase the usefulness of female students.
  • Work at level best achievable to make girls successful in their education and training, and place them in their favorite training areas natural gift.
  • Conduct continuous evaluation on the curriculum to assure the indication of women and male equality (Sarva, 2001).


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Ruhee Rashid
Research Scholar Department of Education OPJS University Churu Rajasthan, India

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