Children Education Based on Local Genius in the Urban Community of Palangkaraya, Indonesia


  • Helmuth Y. Bunu Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universistas Palangka Raya, Indonesia.
  • Yunike Wati Faculty of Economics, Universistas Palangka Raya, Indonesia.
  • Endang Purwaningsih Universisty of Yarsi, Indonesia.



Local genius, Education, Society, Densely populated.


The purpose of this study was to find a model for increasing community social awareness of local genius-based children's education on the banks of the river. Research was conducted in Puntun and PahandutBawah villages, Pahandut, Palangkaraya City, Central Kalimantan. Other agencies involved were the education office of the city of Palangkaraya, elementary schools, and secondary schools around the research location. research findings in year III, namely: (1) model fixes that have been implemented in year II can be disseminated in a wider place that have similar characteristics related to the increase of social awareness of local education based on local genius in urban society. The inhabitants of the Kahayan river in the city of Palangkaraya, (2) form a policy approved by the collaboration with the education office, regional government, and universities in order to increase social awareness of children's education, and (3) produce new theories of models that have been developed and implemented and tested in relation to the improvement of social awareness based on local genius in the urban community.


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Bunu, H. Y. ., Wati, Y. ., & Purwaningsih, E. . (2019). Children Education Based on Local Genius in the Urban Community of Palangkaraya, Indonesia. American Journal of Creative Education, 2(1), 18–30.