The Corporate Security at a Global Scale




Business, Defense, Economy, Intelligence, Resources, Skill etc.


The corporate security is a quite recent concept that would take place in a modern business environment after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. Some defense experts would agree that those changes being taken after the 9/11 would not be that significant, but we would find some clues indicating that such events would make this world getting more different and significantly resilient to many security’s threats. And indeed – today’s defense is more about the resilience to some challenge, risk or threat and it seeks highly capable and skillful people to cope with them on a daily basis. The corporate security as a defense approach of the 21st century is a step forward that would offer us a chance to protect our critical and non-critical industries. The developed economies worldwide would organize their businesses in such a manner and many societies over the globe would so carefully be in the process of adoption such a new concept. In this article, we intend to discuss how corporate security works in a practice as well as provide some insights into advantages and disadvantages of this recent paradigm. In addition, there is a need to deeply and comprehensively understand such a paradigm as it could be some kind of the readiness program for the possible economic, social and security crises, so far.


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