Russia-Ukraine War, its Impacts on Food Security in Africa




Africa, Food inflation, Russia-Ukraine, Social unrest, War.


The study examines the pattern of food inflation in Africa, the extent to which Russia-Ukraine war impacted food inflation in Africa and find out whether the war going on between Russia and Ukraine is likely to instigate social unrest in Africa. The study was a longitudinal panel design. Three research questions guided the study. The population comprised 39 time series data points which spanned January 2019 to March 2022 on food inflation for the 54 African countries. A sample size of four countries comprising of Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Morocco were purposively selected. Data were sourced from Trading Economics database and analyzed using descriptive analysis trend analysis, mean, and percentage. Results showed that Nigeria recorded the highest food inflation rate relative to the other sampled countries. Morocco recorded the least food inflation rate. However, Morocco and Kenya were struck the most by food prices as a result of the war. The study also found out that the continuous rise in food prices has the potential to spark social unrest in Africa. The paper recommends that government at all level should ensure that security of life and property is guarantee. That way farmers can safely go about with their agricultural activities.


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Nweke, C. C. ., Obi, C. B. ., & Igweike, O. J. . (2022). Russia-Ukraine War, its Impacts on Food Security in Africa. Global Journal of Social Sciences Studies, 8(2), 70–81.